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July 16, 2018
Scugog, ON

Marc Gibbons of Port Perry is seeking the position of Regional Councillor of Scugog in the 2018 municipal election. Marc strives to be a vocal defender of Scugog’s interests on regional Council and will seek better value for the services and infrastructure for which residents pay but are currently insufficient or unavailable within our township.

Marc Gibbons will fight for accessibility on our streets, many of which are unsuitable for pedestrians, particularly children and those with mobility challenges. He will stand up for parents who feel obligated to drive their children to school, hockey and soccer practice rather than walk or cycle out of concern for their safety on our streets. Marc will stand up for seniors and those with mobility issues who live independent and active lifestyles, and wish to have safe crossing opportunities on streets like Simcoe.

Marc will stand up for working families, struggling to find affordable child care and infant spaces within our township. With all the development projects in the pipeline, and families choosing to call Scugog home, the region must invest here to meet growing demand. 6.6% of the regional budget is spent on Children’s Services yet none of the Regional Early Learning or Child Care Centres operate in Scugog.

Marc will seek enhanced service from the police in Scugog, which accounts for 18.1% of the budget - the largest expense. Speeding and distracted driving on our streets is a growing problem in all wards, and residents expect regular traffic enforcement in neighbourhoods, near schools and along school bus routes. Given the opportunity to serve on the police board, Marc will ensure that Scugog be well represented.

Marc Gibbons will seek a review of the 950 bus route so that travel times are reduced for Durham College and UOIT students, and that it include places of employment within our community. With much of our population living in rural areas, Marc will explore alternative and cost-effective transit options like ridesharing. Currently budgeted at 8.6%, Durham Region Transit costs Scugog taxpayers more than public health and paramedic services combined.

Marc will stand for our agricultural community and defend farm and greenbelt lands against development. He will say no to the Pickering airport, and work towards stricter by-laws and enforcement regarding dumping in order protect our environment and watershed. The Greenbank airport, currently in litigation, is a total scandal, and Marc Gibbons will ensure safeguards be implemented so that this never happens again.

Finally, at the township, Marc will work towards making a public pool a reality and that the waterfront revitalization and redevelopment be done intelligently and made accessible for all to enjoy. He will ensure that the library and recreation programs continue delivering outstanding, year-round services. Marc will support our dynamic business community by facilitating innovative projects like the sidewalk patios and supporting all the wonderful community events which make Scugog an exciting place to visit and live.

On October 22, 2018, vote for Marc Gibbons as your regional councillor.

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